Refacing: Maintain the interior, renew the exterior

Extend the useful life of your furniture.

Renew without throwing away

Do you have a kitchen, closet or bathroom that needs updating on the outside but is in good condition inside? We can make new doors for your furniture. Renew your furniture, in an easier, cheaper and more environmentally friendly way.

Sustainable solution

A new piece of furniture without producing unnecessary waste and reducing waste.

Reduce costs

And allocate the rest of your budget to other items.

Renew comfortably

Without the complications of a renovation, it only takes two days of installation.

Multiply on design options

Dream to create the combination that you couldn't choose at the time. Now it is possible.

Renew your furniture

Refacing is compatible with the IKEA systems we work with: METOD, FAKTUM, PAX and GODMORGON.


Current IKEA kitchen system in force since 2014.


Kitchen system in force until 2014.


Cabinet system with multiple customization options.


Bathroom system with multiple customization options.

Do you have questions about Refacing?

We help you reuse as much of your existing furniture as possible, so you can reduce new production without compromising design and functionality. Discover all the details to take into account.

The keys to reform without waste

Discover Guilaine's project where this studio in Paris has been transformed with a tight budget. The kitchen that was IKEA from 2003 has been renovated only from the outside.