Ranges of finishes CUBRO

Find the finish that best suits your project among our 4 ranges and more than 50 options.ones of finishes. All our ranges work for kitchen, cabinet and bathroom furniture systems. 

lacquer range image kitchen


Silky and continuous finish

The most practical option at the most competitive price. A silky matte finish, resistant to daily use and very easy to maintain.

The entire board is the same color, which means that we achieve a continuous effect throughout the piece of furniture. 


A living and natural material to bring warmth to your furniture

We use natural wood veneers on MDF boards. This process makes the use of the raw material more optimal and responsible. The result is a compact, stable and durable board.


HPL laminates on birch plywood panels

HPL laminates on birch plywood boards. It provides a contrast between the surface of the fronts and its characteristic wooden edge.

Wide variety of colors, soft touch, anti-glare matte finish and resistant to daily use.


Decorative linoleum on birch plywood tabletop

A natural product with a soft, warm and exclusive touch. Linoleum is a material composed of 95% natural elements: linseed oil, pine resin and ground cork. Its touch is velvety and its surface is matte.

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