Top quality materials for the fronts

1. Select the board material

2. Choose the range and color of the coating

3. Customize it with the handle that you like the most

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Choose the board material according to your project. Remember that the songs are seen

birch plywood

It has the virtue of being very stable, flexible and resistant. It stands the test of time without losing its properties: resistant to humidity, scratches and high temperatures. The visible edges are treated by hand with natural oils and waxes

Water-repellent MDF

High-density board, made from natural fibers and mass-dyed black. The compactness of its surface, its silky texture and its matte finish refer to sober aesthetics that are less warm than wood. The visible edges are treated with natural oils


Choose the range and color with which you are going to cover your fronts. We have 5 ranges and 37 different colors

Gamma One CUBRO

Gamma ONE

The most practical and colorful option at the most competitive price with a high resistance to use

Matte Range CUBRO

MATTE range

High-pressure laminate made with nanotechnology for a spectacular finish due to its warmth to the touch

Wood range CUBRO

WOOD range

Add warmth and style with a natural oak, birch, cherry or walnut wood veneer

Soft range CUBRO

SOFT range

Matte effect with a soft touch of great durability, anti-fingerprint and water resistant.

Capsule Collection CUBRO C

Capsule Collection

Sleek, easy-to-clean brushed aluminum sheet metal

Range Properties

Each one offers characteristics and resistances according to their materials and finishes.

Thinking why choose CUBRO?

We help you with your budget without commitment or you can also see the price breakdown of other projects.

scratch resistancemediumhighmediummediummedium
Heat resistancemediummediumhighmediumhigh
stain resistanceeasyeasymediummediumeasy

Do you have doubts with the coating?

We send you samples so you can see first-hand the color of the materials


Choose the type of handle, from a range of integrated handles on the top or surface, with different finishes and materials to match your interiors


Fully rounded integrated handle

Tirador CUBRO Pill


Integrated rectangular handle with rounded edges

Tirador CUBRO Square


Rectangular integrated handle with rounded corners

Shooter Poses


Designed by the architecture studio Planta. Available in white, black, metal or there is even the possibility of lacquering the handle in the same color as the front.


Designed by the Arquitectura G studio for Indoors. In five finishes and two sizes: Small (Ø:35mm / H:28mm) and Medium (Ø:60mm / H:21mm)

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