Kitchens - LAMINATE Noir

An industrial style kitchen


After years living abroad for work, a couple decided to return to their roots in Madrid and embark on a renovation project for their two-storey flat. They were looking for a space that reflected their style, where they could work comfortably and indulge in one of their great passions: cooking.

To fulfil their vision, they opted for an industrial-style renovation, which lends their home a distinct personality with standout features like a brick wall, a concrete floor, a wooden beam, and a metal staircase with a vibrant yellow handrail.

The kitchen, designed in an L-shape, occupies a generous area, catering to their culinary pursuits. The LAMINATE Noir finishes, together with the oak ROUND handles, create a contrast that brings elegance and rhythm to the design. The countertop, also in LAMINATE Noir, is durable, easy to clean and ideal for everyday use, offering ample workspace. Integrated wall lights ensure perfect illumination for evening cooking, while during the day, natural light streams in from a window opening to the living room, imbuing the space with life.

Following the renovation, the couple has successfully crafted a space that fits their lifestyle. They’ve blended aesthetics with functionality, forging the ideal atmosphere for both work and relaxation.



Ale Estudio


Maru Serrano