Kitchens - LAMINATE Blanco

A century-old transformation


A century-old 64m2 flat in Barcelona’s Sants district has been transformed from an obsolete and underused space into a luminous refuge that fuses modernity and tradition.

Due to lack of maintenance, the floor showed structural damage aggravated by time and an unfavourable layout. On the floor was a long, purposeless corridor, rooms with no natural lighting or ventilation, and one room accessed through another.

The redesign addressed these issues by keeping the bedrooms facing the street façade and positioning the living room on the interior façade. At the same time, an open kitchen has been integrated into the living room, thus creating a unified and functional space. Although the bath was kept in its original position, its surface was slightly expanded.

The kitchen furniture, with a design in LAMINATE Blanco, brings freshness to the space and contrasts with the historical elements, such as the Catalan vaulted ceiling and the partially recovered hydraulic mosaic.

Designed in a linear layout, this kitchen provides ample countertop space and optimises storage, being the core of this refurbished flat.

This renovation has given a new life to an apartment where the owners now enjoy a bright and functional environment.



Midori Architecture


Judith Casas