Kitchens - LAMINATE Fes

Modern multifunctional renovation in 42m2


A young couple with the need to work from home wanted a spacious and functional space. Their wish was to transform their compact 42m2 flat into a working studio and a cosy living space.

The couple wanted to merge the kitchen, dining room and living room to create a single open plan space where they could work, dine and do other activities.

At the same time, they sought to preserve some of the original details and harmonise them with the new materials and finishes. The original Catalan vaults in the ceiling were maintained and neutral finishes were chosen to give them all the prominence. To create a multifunctional space, the kitchen and dining room were located in the central room of the flat, which communicates with the rest of the rooms, allowing the creation of an optimal and functional work area.

The finishes were carefully selected. LAMINATE Fes, in a striking blue colour, breathes new life into the space, while SQUARE handles perfectly complement the colour of the wood floor. The porcelain countertop adds a touch of sophistication and modernity to the design.

The kitchen was designed in an ‘L’ shape, with wall units on one side and base units on the other. This layout makes the most of the space and provides an open-plan room where natural light illuminates the workspace perfectly.

The renovation has provided the couple with the functional and stylish space they desired. The flat, despite its size, has shown that with a clever layout and appropriate choice of materials, it can become an effective workspace and a welcoming place to work.



PPT interiorismo


Nina Antón