Wardrobes - LINOLEUM

A complete entrance wardrobe


For this couple, sustainability was the most important reason for designing the wardrobes in their new home. They opted for a LINOLEUM finish, a completely sustainable material made from natural materials. Its composition is cork powder, linseed oil and conifer resins. It is velvety to the touch and its surface filters the light. The colors chosen for this project are Powder and Vapour.

A closet has been designed for the entrance, ideal for storing coats and jackets. Mezzanines are for boxes of clothes that you don’t need to keep on hand. Next to the closet, a bench was designed to store shoes comfortably.

For the bedroom, a complete floor-to-ceiling closet was made to keep everything tidy. In addition, it was combined with an open niche in WOOD oak finish, ideal for decorative objects.



Antártica Estudio


Sergio Pradana