Kitchens - LAMINATE Perle

A Duplex where cooking is a pleasure


On the coast of Mallorca, a foreign couple found their ideal retreat in a duplex with panoramic sea views. Attracted by the island’s beauty, they decided to settle down and make this space their ideal place, prioritising comfort and dazzling views.

The couple’s passion for gastronomy demanded a kitchen that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. They needed ample cooking space and adequate storage, without compromising light entry.

The solution materialised in a linear kitchen, equipped with wall and base units that maximise storage. The extensive countertop ensures an unrestricted culinary experience, and the personally selected handles add a distinctive and genuine touch to the design.

With finishes in LAMINATE Perle, it reflects neutrality, balance and serenity, combining perfectly with the rest of the house and with the harmony of the exterior. Its open plan layout towards the dining room allows a fluid transition between spaces and generates a feeling of spaciousness.

Undoubtedly, the combination of functionality and design allows them to fully enjoy their home, cooking and relaxing with the Mediterranean as a backdrop.



Eliseom Mallorca


Eliseom Mallorca