Kitchens - WOOD Oak

Family life in harmony with nature


A family with young children decided to trade the hustle and bustle of the city center for the tranquility of the suburbs. They built this new house to enjoy the serenity and nature.

The challenge was to create an open space that would allow for different activities, such as cooking while the children played in other parts of the house. They wanted materials that combine strength with elegance for a long-lasting design. A crucial aspect was to maximize and make the most of natural light entering the space.

The solution was to design an open kitchen with external windows on each side to harness the light. The countertop contrasts with the floor of the house, providing a sense of continuity. The open kitchen space connects seamlessly with the dining room.

WOOD Oak finishes, Plantea handles, and natural stone countertops combine natural oak with stone in grayish tones, bringing elegance to the design. Wood provides a warm and timeless touch, as well as being a very durable and resistant natural material. Moreover, each piece of oak is unique, showcasing different patterns in the grain and varying tones.

The kitchen has tall units to maximize storage space. Additionally, an island with a stone countertop and extra drawers has been incorporated to further optimize and expand the workspace.

The renovation has been a success, meeting all the needs and expectations of the family. Now they can enjoy an open, illuminated and functional space that combines strength and elegance in its design. This suburban architectural dream has come true, allowing them to enjoy the tranquility and nature in their new home.



Evelien Korte


Sergio Pradana