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A kitchen that defies the passage of time

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In a residence that has seen years of family life, the kitchen was yearning for a new lease of life. Its owner, also an architect, sought to renovate this space, adapting it to the needs of her large family and adding her personal essence.

Kitchens are meeting and convivial spaces, and this house was no exception. The family required a renovation that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also provided functionality and space utilisation.

The original kitchen was fitted with wall units from IKEA’s FAKTUM range, which are very strong and durable but were manufactured by the Swedish brand until 2014. Although these modules had stood the test of time and were still in good condition, they were in need of an aesthetic makeover.

Because of the compatibility with our fronts, we were able to keep the cabinets and hinges, using fronts that fitted perfectly with the pre-existing structure. To expand the space, METOD modules, IKEA’s current modular line, were integrated, achieving an almost seamless harmonious transition. In addition to being practical, this solution optimises materials and budget in an efficient way.

The new kitchen layout opens on one side to the study and, on the opposite side, connects with the living room, benefiting from a large window that bathes every corner in natural light. At the same time it is complemented by an island, perfect both for cooking and for sharing family dinners. The furniture was designed in LAMINATE Blanco with ROUND handles in oak, bringing warmth and sophistication to the environment.

The renovation has transformed a traditional kitchen into a functional, comfortable, and versatile space where the family can share and enjoy.

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