Kitchens - WOOD oak

A kitchen with a natural feel


The transformation of this 42m2 flat in Marseille posed an exciting challenge: to design a kitchen that not only optimised the limited space but also felt spacious and welcoming.

To solve this challenge and achieve this functional and aesthetic space, a linear kitchen open to the living room was designed. The selection of WOOD oak for the kitchen fronts creates a warm and familiar atmosphere. This warmth is enhanced by soft pink painted walls, which blend perfectly with the original character of the ceramic tiled floor.

To maximise space, the kitchen was fitted with wall units housing the appliances and base units incorporating the hob and sink. This design ensures that every utensil and every ingredient has its place, without sacrificing free and comfortable movement around the room.

The jewel of the kitchen is a tiled central island which, in addition to providing additional work space, invites you to share moments during meals. The natural stone countertop raises the level of sophistication of the space.

This renovation has provided the owners with the perfect setting to prepare their favourite dishes and enjoy their day to day life in an environment that they appreciate and enjoy to the fullest.



Smak Studio


Mathilde Lebreuil