Kitchens - LAMINATE Sable, WOOD Oak

A minimalist and warm kitchen


In Madrid, a couple with three children were looking for a quiet, minimalist space away from the noise of the city. Appreciating the company of friends and family, they wanted a space that would serve as a perfect meeting point combining elegance and comfort.

The family needed a design that reflected the minimalist, modern aesthetic but still contained practical spaces. The palette of materials had to be natural, with neutral colours to create an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquillity.

To meet these needs, an open and welcoming space was designed with a minimalist approach. This design would allow the family to fully enjoy their home and provide an ideal environment to share with family and guests.

The use of LAMINATE Sable and WOOD Oak finishes for the furniture provided a sense of warmth and naturalness. SQUARE handles and porcelain countertop complemented the design, bringing harmony and sophistication to the space. The quality and resistance of the materials were an important requirement for this large family as the kitchen is the centre of the house and will be in constant use.

The kitchen is distributed in a low furniture area with a large work area where the hob is located. In parallel, there is a wide island that serves as a support and is where the sink is located. A line of wall units provides a large storage capacity.

The renovation has resulted in a home that offers the comfort the family was looking for while remaining cosy and warm for their visitors. They have managed to strike a perfect balance between minimalist style and functional comfort, creating a space that evokes calm and enjoyment in equal measure.