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In France, a family of four has bought a second home for weekend getaways. Foodies, their weekends are a delight with traditional recipes such as crepes and ratatouille. This culinary passion called for a cosy and efficient space suitable for both adults and little ones.

Focusing on their needs, it was decided to create a spacious kitchen, open to the dining room and the patio, maximising the influx of natural light. They were not only looking for a space to cook but a room where the whole family could share.

A U-shaped kitchen has been designed with wall and base units and a spacious countertop to ensure that the dining experience is enjoyed by all. The furniture stands out with finishes in LINOLEUM Conifer, a deep green tone that gives character, contrasting harmoniously with WOOD oak, which gives a warm and homely feel. This duality is completed with a resistant porcelain countertop, ideal for those who love to cook, due to its resistance and ease of cleaning.

The neutral colours of the dining room floor and chairs contrast subtly with the furniture, creating a balanced ambience.

The end result is a space that invites you to cook, share, and enjoy, reflecting the essence of the family. Undoubtedly, they have found their perfect culinary corner.

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