Bathrooms - WOOD Oak

A multifunctional bathroom


Maximising the space and transforming it into a versatile and functional living area for three was the main objective of this home renovation. Throughout the house, compartments were removed to create an open feeling, but one of the most critical decisions was to adapt a single bathroom for use by all family members.

Their wish was to have a comfortable bathroom with ample storage for each individual. This need was addressed by designing a piece of furniture consisting of four spacious drawers, providing the family with the necessary space to store their personal items. Besides being aesthetically appealing, the design is very practical, complemented by a round sink, leaving plenty of countertop space perfect for adding a soap dish, candles, or decorative items.

WOOD Oak was chosen for the furniture, a natural material that gives it character, but at the same time adds warmth. The distinctive touch is provided by the bathroom floor, with an original design that combines yellow and blue tones, creating a unique space full of personality.
This refurbishment has made the most of every corner, providing the family with a home designed with care and functionality in mind.



Yeyé Estudio


Sergio Pradana