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A touch of serenity. A bedroom transformation


One couple had a clear vision for their bedroom: functional, versatile, and colourful furniture in materials that were strong and durable. One of the main challenges of this project in Paris was to design a wardrobe and a headboard within a small room, therefore, the space had to be optimised creatively.

The wardrobe needed to have ample space for each individual, and they also wanted a place where they could display photos and decorative objects. To solve this problem, furniture was designed by combining a wardrobe and a headboard in LAMINATE Cadaqués. This pastel blue tone is a great choice to integrate into a bedroom as it brings serenity to the room and creates a unique atmosphere of calm and rest.

To fulfill their wishes, two tall modules were made on each side of the wardrobe, and in the headboard area, shelves the width of the bed were integrated so they could display their mementos and objects.

This architectural transformation has turned their bedroom into a calm and tidy space, where light tones and soft materials predominate.



Marie Bonnard


Clarisse Gallois Photographe