Architectural Digest’s new offices in Madrid


Architectural Digest’s new offices in Madrid have been designed drawing inspiration from the 1950s offices. The open space becomes multifunctional, able to be partitioned with curtains and mobile dividers, adapting to the flow and daily needs.

The essence of the project centred on two fundamental pillars: creating versatile furniture and offering comfortable and flexible workspaces. Whether for individual work or collaborative exchange, every corner has been designed to boost productivity and well-being.

A standout piece in this renovation is the furniture designed for the office, which serves as a kitchen in the common area. Despite its size, it impressively offers ample storage and a generous countertop, ideal for accessing everyday items.

Designed in LAMINATE Fes, this piece seamlessly blends with the wall, evoking a sense of continuity and spaciousness. The black colour of the ROUND handles and the countertop lend a distinct and sophisticated touch to the furniture. Additionally, the blue shade is the perfect hue for a working environment where serenity is paramount.

This is complemented by the use of our LAMINATE Sahara boards on the tables in all the meeting rooms, which harmonise perfectly with the curtains and other elements of the space.

The renovation was carried out under the direction of architect and interior designer Carlos Tomás, founder of Estudio Reciente. This renovation was undertaken in collaboration with brands we admire and have left their mark on the space, such as Vitra, IKEA, Muuto, and Kvadrat, to name a few.

With this project, Architectural Digest has not only reinvented its offices but has also established a design symbol where the 1950s ‘boring office’ concept meets 21st-century innovation.



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Estudio Reciente


Germán Sáiz