Cocinas - LAMINATE Metal, Sable

An oasis of light and color

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Located close to the centre of Barcelona, this ground-floor flat is the first home of an owner with a strong passion for art. Although it is close to the city’s busiest areas, its view of the interior makes it a quiet retreat away from the hustle and bustle.

The renovation of this flat sought to maximise natural light, retain original structural elements and create ample functional and versatile furniture. The architectural and design resolution led to unify the kitchen and living room, creating an open space where natural light flows into every corner. Respecting the original structure, a stone pillar was kept and the Catalan vault painted white, magnifying the luminosity.

The designed furniture is hybrid and meets different needs. In the kitchen, in LAMINATE Sable, high modules with niche and a functional space in the middle for cooking have been integrated. This distribution is complemented by a custom-made island with a metal structure specially designed for this project that integrates the sink and offers a perfect breakfast space, taking advantage of the natural light.

The kitchen is joined to the living room furniture, starting with a module containing the refrigerator and extending with a row of large cabinets ideal for storing coats and keeping the space tidy. The Metal finishes and Plantea handles give a minimalist touch to the space and contrast perfectly with the laminate that brings warmth to the environment.

The result is a home that enhances the original architecture while reflecting the owner’s personality and artistic passion. The space not only meets functional needs but also becomes an expression of design and style.

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José Hevia