Kitchens - LAMINATE Noir

Black kitchen, a bold and elegant contrast


In the tranquillity of the suburbs, a family with small children has found their perfect retreat: a house next to a serene marshland. Travel has marked their life and part of their home, and in every corner, treasures collected from their adventures around the world are on display. Their wish was to have a light-filled, open space that would complement their collection of memorabilia.

An essential requirement for them was to have a kitchen in a space flooded with natural light. They wanted an original, unconventional colour to match their wooden floor. The solution was found in LAMINATE Noir. This serene and elegant colour creates a striking and charming contrast with the surroundings of the house.

LAMINATE Noir was the perfect choice for the finishes. This timeless shade does not reflect light and is soft to the touch. It is also very easy to clean, which is very important in a house with children. The natural wood floor blends harmoniously with the oak PILL handles.

The kitchen layout was designed in an ‘L’ shape, located next to a large window that provides a spectacular view of the lake and a great entrance of light. The kitchen units offer a variety of drawers in different sizes, providing sufficient storage space.

The result is a welcoming home that allows them to enjoy their collection of treasures and views of the marsh, in a stylish and practical space that is bright and colourful.

Review the detailed budget
IKEAInteriors1.050 €
Appliances2.406 €
CUBRODoors and drawers1.129 €
Side panels651 €
Countertop813 €
ServicesIKEA Shipping100 €
CUBRO Shipping250 €
Installation1.200 €
TotalEx VAT7.599 €
Inc VAT9.194 €




Sergio Pradana