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In Valencia, a family has acquired their first house. With the responsibility and challenge of housing a large family, the aim of the renovation was to maintain order, enhance local materials and construction elements, and provide a functional and luminous space.

For a large family, making the most of every square inch is essential. The solution was found in integrating various furniture units into different corners of the house, allowing for order and harmony. With the desire to enhance the light in an originally dark space, light-coloured furniture was chosen, reflecting natural light and visually expanding the space.

Architectural details that speak of Valencian charm were not overlooked. Special attention was given to preserving the mosaic flooring, a typical feature of local traditional homes, as well as the ceiling mouldings that evoke a classic air.

For the furniture, from the kitchen to the wardrobes and bench, LAMINATE Perle and PILL handles were chosen. This combination results in a perfect balance between brightness, sophistication, and warmth. Additionally, a porcelain countertop has been integrated, which not only adds elegance to the space but also meets the practical needs of a family that loves to cook together, providing unique resistance and ease of cleaning.

The kitchen’s “U” layout optimises the workflow and maximises space utilisation. A central island becomes the heart of the kitchen, functioning at the same time as an auxiliary dining room. In parallel, a bench integrated into the lounge area offers additional storage, while its surface is used to display decorative objects or can also be used as a seat. In the bedrooms, two complete closets have been designed with lofts and various internal drawers to keep everything in order.

This transformation has crafted a home that balances functionality and well-being, complemented with details that highlight Valencian culture.

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