Kitchens - LINOLEUM Olive, LAMINATE Perle

Bold, sustainable and practical design


In Madrid, there is a unique flat that stands out for its interior patio that fills its interior spaces with light. Its sole resident, although he has no particular passion for cooking, greatly values meeting spaces and enjoys having guests in his home. His choice of bold colours in the bathroom and kitchen reflects his bold personality.

One of the main requirements was the design of a kitchen which, as well as being practical and functional, had to be kept separate from the dining room and the living room. This request presented a challenge: to integrate all the desired elements into a narrow space without compromising functionality or aesthetics.

The solution came with an L-shaped kitchen design, optimising space and providing ample work and storage area. Although the kitchen did not open directly into the living room, a sense of spaciousness and cohesion was achieved throughout the space.

The furniture was designed in LAMINATE Perle complemented with LINOLEUM Olive on the wall fronts, which not only adds a colour contrast but also adds a sustainable touch due to its natural origin. ROUND oak handles add rhythm and warmth to the design.

This renovation has succeeded in transforming a compact space into a personalised and highly functional room, where the owner can fully enjoy a home that reflects his or her personality and meets all his or her expectations.





Asier Rua