Wardrobes, Bathrooms - LACQUER, WOOD

Colors that transform spaces


In a residential neighbourhood in Madrid, there is a single-family house that has witnessed the growth of a family for decades. Built in the 1980s, this house required an update that not only responded to the need for more space and light but also reflected the personality of its owners.

The refurbishment was carried out with the aim of opening up the spaces and making them more functional. Some walls were removed and sliding doors were installed, facilitating a natural flow between rooms. The finishes and materials were chosen to maintain the original essence, but with a personal touch expressed in bright colours, textures, and geometric shapes.

One of the key points of the reform was to improve organisation and storage. For this purpose, wardrobes with extension units were designed for the bedroom, an innovative solution that adds extra storage space for all belongings and helps to keep the house tidy and harmonious. In addition, the furniture in LACQUER Blanco matches perfectly with the blue tone of the headboard wall.

In the bathrooms, furniture was designed in WOOD oak, giving a warm and natural touch to the space. To make these corners even more special, in one of the bathrooms the wall was painted blue, while in the other a lighter, fresher shade of pink was used. These colours are complemented by the original hexagonal mosaic floor which has been preserved.

The renovation of this house is a perfect blend of functionality, organisation, and aesthetics, where every element has been meticulously designed and chosen.



Paula Ábalos


Fernando Andres