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Industrial architecture in harmony with nature

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Situated in an environment that seamlessly merges between mountains and sea, a family consisting of a couple and their young son has decided to bring their house to life. This isn’t just any home; it’s the vision of an architect who, besides being the owner, has selected each detail with care and precision.

One of the top priorities of this project was to connect the architectural design of the house with the majestic landscape that surrounds it. This was materialised through the integration of large windows, allowing for breathtaking natural views from various corners of the home.

The use of local materials and the implementation of a concrete slab system alongside prefabricated panels assembled on-site reflect a commitment to sustainability and cost efficiency. Additionally, the brick cladding of the walls optimises thermal insulation.

The interior design stands out for its fluidity, with two floors converging in the living room which connects to the kitchen. This space becomes the true heart of the home. The finishes of the kitchen with LAMINADO Metal and Plantea handles, provide a minimalist touch, where the light is reflected in a unique way, contrasting with the materials chosen for the rest of the house.

The kitchen, although not large in size, is highly functional. The addition of an island and column cabinets on the wall maximises storage, allowing the family to maintain order and functionality without sacrificing the room’s character.

This home mirrors a vision that blends functionality, design, and respect for the environment. It is the culmination of an architectural dream that enables the family to live intimately each day, whilst immersing themselves in the wonders of the surrounding landscape.

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Benjamin Iborra
Maxime Delvaux