Kitchen - LAMINATE Blanco, WOOD Oak

Inspiring renovation


For a couple with an architectural focus, remodeling their ground floor was an opportunity to create a space where design and functionality were seamlessly intertwined. His vision was to create a spacious area for socializing and cooking, a place that would welcome friends frequently and integrate with the rest of the home, taking advantage of natural light and mixing different textures and colors to give personality to each area.

They transformed an open, undivided space where the living room and kitchen flow together. This design allows the light to be the protagonist of the room, creating a feeling of spaciousness and continuity. In order to subtly differentiate each area, they used furniture and a distinctive column to subtly separate the rooms, maintaining a visual and functional connection between them.

The “L” layout of the kitchen complemented by the island and a bar with stools, facing the living room, is perfect for chatting with guests while preparing the meal. The floor, chosen in a tone that harmonizes with the rest of the design, plays a crucial role in the visual unification of the environment.

As for the finishes, the WOOD Oak kitchen and ROUND handles, which together with the LAMINATE Blanco countertop, intensify the brightness of the environment. The integration of textures such as wood, together with blue elements distributed in different areas of the house, creates a space with unique character.

This design reflects how the couple has achieved a place that not only meets their daily practical needs but is also a space for meeting and creativity.





Sergio Pradana