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A couple in Barcelona were looking for an architectural transformation for their flat that would create a versatile space, capable of being divided into differentiated zones and where they would have a comfortable and multifunctional work area. This place, built in 1936 and renovated in the 1960s, maintained only its original Catalan vault ceilings.

The need for a workspace and other functional areas within a single environment led to the removal of all pre-existing partitions in their 75m2 flat. The result was an open space, illuminated in every corner by natural light.

Storage and frequently used areas have been located on one side of the wall, creating an efficient and functional design that optimizes the use of space. In the finishes, LAMINATE Blanco has been chosen for the furniture, which contrasts with the ceiling and the rest of the house. The style of the unit visually expands the space and the ROUND handles add a touch of colour to the minimalist concept.

The design of the furniture makes the most of the original layout of the flat which, despite its 75m2, was very narrow. To make the most of the length of the house, an innovative integrated furniture design was devised that extends from the terrace, functioning initially as a bench, then as a kitchen, then as a laundry unit and finally as a complete bedroom wardrobe. This design provides ample storage space, a key need for the couple.

Thanks to this renovation, the owners now enjoy an environment that is both aesthetically pleasing and extremely functional. They have achieved a space that can be adapted to various activities throughout the day. All in all, this transformation represents a perfect combination of innovation and versatility.

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