Kitchens - WOOD oak, LAMINATE Sable

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A family of three, who love hosting guests and sharing around good food and wine, was faced with the challenge of redesigning their space to reflect their passion and lifestyle.

The main need was to have an open and functional kitchen that would allow fluid interaction with the living and dining room, maximising the entry of natural light and making use of natural materials. The solution came in the form of a linear kitchen with a niche complemented by a central island.

Storage, a key factor, has been optimised with base and wall units, maximising the use of space. The island not only provides ample work and laundry space but also functions as an auxiliary dining area, ideal when you have guests and want to use both rooms simultaneously.

The WOOD oak and LAMINATE Sable finishes, accompanied by ROUND handles, evoke a sense of warmth and elegance. The oak introduces a cosy atmosphere, while the LAMINATE Sable intensifies the brightness. These details blend perfectly with the wooden floor of the house and the tiled floors in the kitchen.

With this renovation, the family has succeeded in creating a room that reflects their love of hospitality and gastronomy.

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Paula Ábalos


Rocio Romero
Miguel de Guzman