Kitchens - LACA Sapphire

Protagonism of color

2 Sq. du Roule-6

In an open-plan attic in the center of Paris, a family sought to bring their love of cooking to life in a space they could share with friends and family. With the kitchen as the protagonist, his dream was to experiment with unusual colors and add a personal touch.

The architectural solution materialized in the creation of an open kitchen, painted in a vibrant blue color. This design gave the kitchen an undisputed starring role, transforming it into the heart of the attic. The solid wood handles selected by the client add a personal and unique touch to the space.

The kitchen layout allows the family to carry out simultaneous activities without interruptions. Sapphire LACA was chosen for the finishes, along with a White LAMINATE countertop, providing a refreshing contrast to the predominant blue. The choice of this color provides a sense of calm and serenity, and together with white, creates a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.

A central island, also clad in the same blue, acts as a separator between the kitchen and the dining room, without interrupting the continuity of the space. The design includes wall and base units to maximize storage and the appliances are cleverly paneled to blend in with the design.

The family now enjoys a unique and personalized cuisine that reflects their passion for cooking and their desire to share special moments. In their Parisian penthouse, they have managed to create an open and cozy space where the kitchen, with its bold blue color, is undoubtedly the protagonist.

2 Sq. du Roule-8
2 Sq. du Roule-12
2 Sq. du Roule-15
2 Sq. du Roule-18

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