Kitchens and wardrobes - LINOLEUM Mushroom

Reconfiguration of exterior and interior spaces


With a panoramic view of the natural landscape of El Pardo, this house has been carefully transformed over the years. The owner’s daughter has been in charge of guiding a series of progressive renovations in this family home.

One of the biggest challenges of this renovation was to convert an old terrace into a completely independent and functional flat, which would be inhabited by his brother. The main aim was to create an environment that separates the public and private areas of the entire house, making the most of the views and ensuring the entry of natural light.

To meet this challenge, an elongated surface with a vaulted ceiling has been created. The layout remains predominantly open, segmenting the space into two main areas. The public area houses a fluid combination of kitchen, dining room, and living room, highlighting an old skylight, which used to be the access to the terrace and now enhances the spaces with an entrance of natural light. Contrasting with this, the private area houses the bedroom with a spacious dressing room and a bathroom with an innovative circular shower made of aluminium sheet.

The furniture finishes have been carefully chosen. LINOLEUM Mushroom is the main material throughout the house, evoking serenity and neutrality both in the kitchen and in the bedroom furniture. In addition, other materials and complements stand out, such as the aluminum plate island, the sky blue pillars, and a masonry fireplace that adds a unique character to the space.

This refurbishment, beyond being a spatial reconfiguration, is the materialisation of detailed architecture that allows for the enjoyment of an imposing space that reflects the personal stamp of the owners.



EME 157


Luis Asín