Kitchens - WOOD, LAMINATE Metal

Renovation with 19th century roots


In the heart of the fifth arrondissement of Paris, a couple decided to take on the challenge of renovating their 65m2 flat, located on the fourth floor of a building built around 1855. This three-bedroom dwelling was showing signs of age and required a radical transformation.

Faced with the need to modernise a space that seemed to be stuck in the past, several challenges arose. The lack of a full bathroom and a non-functional layout were priority issues. In addition, the couple wanted a kitchen that blends effortlessly with the dining room and living room.

The project took as its focal point the partial opening of the central wall. This decision not only optimised the layout but also improved the circulation and flow of the space. A full bathroom was also incorporated and an L-shaped kitchen was designed, open to the dining room and living room, making the most of the natural light and the beautiful views of the city.

The kitchen finishes undoubtedly elevate the aesthetics of the space. With base units in LAMINATE Metal and wall units in WOOD, a bold and balanced fusion is achieved. This design not only exudes sophistication but also brings a warm touch to the space. Although the kitchen has a generous work space, special emphasis has been placed on storage, maximising its capacity.

With this renovation, the couple enjoys a modern and functional space where the past and the present coexist in harmony.



Florent Chagny


BCDF Studio