Kitchens - WOOD Cherry

Reviving Coderch’s essence


The emblematic Banco Urquijo building, designed by the architect José Antonio Coderch, is located in Sant Gervasi. A home on this iconic site has been transformed, maintaining a balance between its rich history and contemporary needs.

The owners, a family with children, wanted a home that would recover the original essence of Coderch, but with modern accents. They focused on two main areas: a day area with connected spaces and a night area with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

To respect Coderch’s design, the original layout of the building was studied. This research allowed for a design that prioritises natural light, a Coderch hallmark, and where the day areas are kept connected through sliding doors, providing both continuity and privacy.

The kitchen, the center of the house, evokes the original design by maintaining its luminous gallery. It has a parallel layout with WOOD cherry furniture complemented by white LAMINATE worktops. This design is not only functional but also allows the possibility of incorporating a space that can be used as an auxiliary dining area thanks to the large countertop.

The interiors showcase a careful selection of materials. Most of Coderch’s carpentry has been restored, and where this was not possible, cedar wood doors have been added, respecting the original colour scheme. The owners wanted touches of colour, and this has been reflected in the tiling in the bathrooms and kitchen, with shades that echo the façade of the building.

The renovation has succeeded in creating a space that is both a tribute to history and a response to modern life. The owners feel immensely satisfied, living in a cosy space with a unique essence.



Vilablanch Studio


Jordi Folch