Kitchens - WOOD walnut, LAMINATE Blanco

Subtle elegance with natural essence


In Bilbao, a family sought to transform a space in their large home by fusing practicality with the warmth and authenticity of natural materials.

They wanted a renovation that would offer an open-plan, functional and integrated space, where the areas would be connected in a fluid way. They also considered it essential to use natural materials which, when combined with light tones, enhance the luminosity and harmony of the space.

To make this a reality, a kitchen open to the living and dining room was designed. This layout allows the family to enjoy multiple environments simultaneously, facilitating interaction and coexistence. The kitchen is made up of wall units on one side, ideal for efficient vertical storage, and base units equipped with several drawers that maximise the storage capacity for all utensils.

A generously sized peninsula was added, inviting you to cook and share family moments. In addition, an extra cupboard and a wooden shelf, perfect for ornaments and personal details, were added to a corner of the kitchen to make the most of the space.

The kitchen furniture stands out for the use of WOOD walnut in panels and fronts visible from the living room, generating an unequalled feeling of warmth and elegance. The design was complemented with LAMINATE Blanco fronts to create a greater perception of light and spaciousness. The finishing touch is provided by the natural stone countertop, which, in addition to being very resistant, adds a touch of sophistication.

It is undoubtedly a space that reflects the needs and tastes of the owners, where they enjoy a space that has been carefully designed and that highlights practicality and warmth in every corner.



Teo Arkitektura


Erlantz Biderbost