Kitchens - LINOLEUM Smokey Blue

Sustainable harmony

Lucia Gorostegui

In the heart of Madrid lies a compact flat where tranquillity and peace take centre stage. Its sole resident, a lover of harmonious settings, sought a renovation that would adapt his home to his style and personality.

Despite the flat’s size, the owner wanted distinct spaces. He also aimed to relocate his kitchen, which was initially in a dimly lit area. This reform, in addition to seeking a functional design, had a special requirement in terms of the use of materials that had to be sustainable.

To solve this, the kitchen is located next to a light source and opens up to the living room space. This shift transformed not just the functionality but also the atmosphere of the space. The use of linoleum, a material made from linseed oil and pine resin, underpins the project’s sustainability.

LINOLEO Smokey Blue finishes, combined with ROUND handles, give the space a serene aesthetic. This shade of blue harmoniously integrates with the home’s light tones, the wooden flooring, and an iron table adding character. The durable porcelain countertop brings a touch of sophistication and subtly complements the design’s elegance.

With a linear layout, the kitchen is outfitted with both high and low units, optimising organisation and storage.

This project is the result of an intelligent layout where space has been maximised with a design that fuses aesthetics, functionality and sustainability.

Lucia Gorostegui
Lucia Gorostegui
Lucia Gorostegui


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Lucía Gorostegui