Kitchen and Wardrobes - WOOD Cherry

Classical and contemporary fusion in Madrid


Located in the heart of Madrid, in an early 20th century building, a young couple has decided to give a modern touch to their classic home. They were looking for a functional, contemporary design that would blend harmoniously with the original architectural beauty of the building.

The need for a continuous space that would unify the kitchen, dining room and living room was the main challenge of the project. The proposed design broke down the barriers that isolated the kitchen, opening it up to the living room and hall, allowing a flow of natural light to invade and enhance all the spaces.

The area has been compartmentalized with the clever addition of a cabinet and a peninsula that define, but do not close off, the spaces. With the inclusion of these elements, storage was maximized, fulfilling another essential requirement of the owners. Cabinets were added in the bedroom and near the entrance, further expanding storage possibilities.

The chosen finishes present an elegant kitchen with LAMINATE metal and PLANTEA handles in white. The natural stone countertop lends strength and distinction, while the cherry wood cabinets with black and white PLANTEA handles add warmth. The contrast of textures and colors, where vanilla, ivory and off-white tones predominate, gives the room a feeling of spaciousness and brightness.

The renovation has resulted in an open and cohesive space that responds to the needs and contemporary aesthetics desired by the couple. Despite its new modernity, the house retains the essence and charm of the Madrid buildings of the early twentieth century, constituting a perfect balance between the new and the traditional.



Gonzalo del Val


José Hevia