Kitchen - LAMINATE Agave ROUND

Renovation that honors the past


An old single-family house in Malaga, built more than 100 years ago, has been renovated with great care by a family. This house, which had been vacant for three decades, once belonged to a single person named Rosario. The current family longed for a quiet life, enjoying the outdoor spaces and surrounding plants. Their goal was to preserve the essence of the house, keeping the original materials as much as possible and achieving a distribution that would allow a greater enjoyment of the home.

The renovation has preserved the original hydraulic floors and wooden windows, elements that give character and charm to the house. The kitchen, the heart of the house, has been kept in its original place, open to the dining room and the inner courtyard. This allows for seamless integration between spaces and fosters a connection to the nature surrounding the property.

The distribution of the kitchen has been made in two parallel lines, mainly with base units, dispensing with wall units. This decision brings simplicity and spaciousness to the design, creating a cozy and functional environment. The kitchen furniture chosen features a LAMINATE finish in Agave, an unconventional pastel green that highlights the greenery of the patio plants. Combined with round handles, the result is a fresh and luminous aesthetic. The Sable LAMINATE countertop offers resistance to daily use and is anti-fingerprint, ensuring durability and easy maintenance.

On the second floor are the social areas: kitchen, dining room and living room, all of them open to the patios. The bedrooms are located on the second and third floors, creating a clear separation between common and private areas.

The family is delighted with the renovation of their home. They have managed to preserve the essence and history of the house, while creating cozy and functional spaces to enjoy with the family. The careful choice of materials and the intelligent distribution of spaces allows them to have a quiet life connected to nature, making the most of the patios and plants they enjoy so much. This renovation has been carried out with great care and attention, reflecting the personality and wishes of its owners, and turning this old house into a modern and cozy home.

Review the detailed budget
IKEAInteriors2.581 €
Appliances3.021 €
CUBRODoors and drawers1.865 €
Side panels1.407 €
Countertop1.061 €
ServicesIKEA Shipping100 €
CUBRO Shipping200 €
Installation1.500 €
TotalEx VAT10.425 €
Inc VAT12.614 €


Olga Sicilia


Germán Sáiz