Kitchens - LINOLEUM Smokey Blue

The new era of a century-old farmhouse


An hour from Barcelona, where the sea and the mountains meet, lies the farmhouse of Stefan Keller, engineer, and Raya Hauri, architect. Two nature and art lovers found in this centenary house the perfect refuge for their passions and their riding school.

Moving to this farmhouse was not only a change of environment. They required a renovated space that maintained the historical essence of the place. They longed for spacious rooms, a modern kitchen, and multifunctional spaces to accommodate their daily and working lives.

The reform brought the combination of the traditional and the contemporary to the forefront. A sustainable approach was chosen, favouring authentic materials such as stone, lime and terracotta. In addition, original elements of the farmhouse, from windows to tiles and marble slabs, were rescued, demonstrating a deep appreciation for the authentic.

The former segmented kitchen gave way to an open-plan design. They added a hallway and a storage room, making this area the central core of the house. LINOLEUM Smokey Blue is the protagonist of the room, giving an air of sophistication and contrasting with the original stone sink that was rescued during the renovation. Linoleum, an ecological and sustainable material, aligns with the vision of the “temporary housekeepers,” as they prefer to be called.

In the bedroom, they renovated the roof, reused old beams and tiles, and used tiles from a neighbouring factory to improve insulation. Stone walls and wooden beams evoke the history of the farmhouse.

This renovation is an ode to the harmony between the past and the present. Stefan and Raya have created a space that respects history and is adapted to their current needs, leaving a testimony that reflects nature, sustainability, art, and beauty.



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