Kitchens - LAMINATE Agave, WOOD oak

The perfect culinary spot for summer

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In Burgos, a two-storey country house eagerly awaits the arrival of summer. It is in this season when it becomes the meeting point for two related families seeking to enjoy the culture and gastronomy of the region. This retreat, with its traditional spaces, presented itself as the perfect canvas to design a kitchen that would become the epicentre of their gatherings.

Given the needs of both families, the kitchen was designed with spaciousness and the possibility of hosting multiple guests at once. The revamped space is open, connecting the kitchen with the dining area and providing direct access to the courtyard. Wood and green tones dominate the design, preserving the rustic essence. The finishes in WOOD Oak and LAMINATE Agave add a touch of freshness and contrast, complemented by IKEA’s PLOCKAR handles. With an L-shaped layout, the kitchen optimises storage with a large pantry unit and facilitates mobility with convenience.

The result is a kitchen that combines functionality and style, ready to be the setting for countless family moments in the coming summers.

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Bruno Rilova