Kitchens - WOOD Oak

Modern architecture in the center of Madrid


In the heart of Madrid, a couple has decided to buy and renovate a 130m2 apartment in the neighborhood where they grew up. Their love of music and social gatherings with friends demanded a house with large and bright entertainment spaces.

One of their main needs was to give the kitchen a privileged location, since its original location was dark and isolated. In response, it was decided to move the kitchen to the entrance of the house, making it the heart of the home and the focus of natural light.

As for the bedroom, although they lacked space for a walk-in closet, they required a large storage area. Thus, a floor-to-ceiling closet was designed that extends along the corridor leading to the bathroom, optimizing space.

The finishes chosen reflect the personality and style of the couple. In the kitchen, WOOD natural oak with SQUARE handles provides a warm and elegant tone. The bedroom closet, in white LAMINATE with the same handles, creates a light and peaceful atmosphere.

The L-shaped kitchen, with ample countertop and storage capacity, is strategically placed, connecting to the dining room on one side and to the private area on the other. This design allows for coexistence and simultaneous activities, ideal for those who love social gatherings.

After the renovation, the couple has achieved a space that fuses aesthetics and functionality, reflecting their personal tastes and their passion for leisure. Natural light becomes the protagonist, offering a spacious and cozy home, ready to enjoy music, wine and good company.



Blanca Hernández


Sergio Pradana