When designing a kitchen it is important to correctly choose the right material for each countertop. We will accompany you and explain the different optionsones that you can contemplate for your project.

Natural stone

1. Countertops CUBRO

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As part of our products, we also manufacture countertops with the same materials as our fronts to create a uniform look. It is also an attractive option for those projects that want to see the detail of the birch plywood on the countertop edge.

For reasons of resistance, we only sell kitchen countertops for the Laminate and Linoleum ranges. The Laca and Wood ranges would not withstand the demanding wear and tear to which a horizontal surface in the kitchen is subjected.

You can order your countertops with the same delivery times of 6 weeks as the fronts without having to wait to have the kitchen already assembled. They are supplied in 2 standard sizes, and are adapted during assembly for a perfect result. Inserts for sink or plate are not made since from experience we prefer to give the installer a margin to adjust the exact position with cuts and adjustments on site.

Dimensiones: widths of 39 and 62cm and lengths of 186 and 236cm.

Laminate Countertops

Laminate is a highly durable, high-quality coating that works perfectly as a countertop in a kitchen or bathroom. Its main properties are:

  • Base board in birch plywood.
  • Wood edges seen and treated with oil for durability.
  • High resistance to daily use.
  • Matte finish to the touch, very easy to clean and maintain.

Within our Laminate range, the finish Metal it can evolve with use, assuming scratches typical of the brushed aluminum coating. For this reason, it is not recommended for countertop use if this natural erosion does not fit the project. It is only recommended if you accept and assume this erosion as part of the product's own beauty.

Find out more about our range LAMINATE

Linoleum Countertops

Linoleum is a natural covering made from cork dust, linseed oil and natural resins. Its main properties are:

  • Base board in birch plywood.
  • Wood edges seen and treated with oil for durability.
  • Soft touch finish and very organic texture similar to leather.
  • Acoustic properties that reduce the resonance of impacts on the worktop.
  • It requires basic maintenance: cleaning with a specific soap based on natural oil.
  • It evolves over time, acquiring a patina that adds an organic character.

Find out more about our range LINOLEUM

2. Stone and porcelain countertops

Natural stone and porcelain countertops are a highly recommended option if you have fallen in love with their finish, want an additional level of resistance and your budget allows it. Hard, elegant and timeless finish that adapts to any style. Thanks to its resistance to heat and scratches, it is the most convenient option for busy kitchens. With the stone and porcelain countertops, it is interesting to also contemplate the countertop front made of the same material.

At the installation level, the process implies a measurement by the marble worker once the assembly is finished. From there, in 10 days the custom-made piece will be installed on your cabinet structures.

CUBRO does not sell Natural Stone or Porcelain countertops in all markets. Only in Madrid and the surrounding area will you be able to sell and install countertops made of this material. In the rest of the locationones we will recommend a stonemason we trust. If in doubt, consult our team of designers.

Natural stone countertops

An elegant and timeless material that easily adapts to any style of furniture. 

The natural stone finish is very resistant to heat and scratches but must be treated with care in relation to acidic elements such as lemon or vinegar.

porcelain countertops

The most heat and wear resistant material for your countertop. Industrial manufacturing from clay and minerals to resist everything.

It is the ideal option for high budgets who want a material that requires little care and offers very high resistance and durability.

The optionsones of design are endless. We work with the main brands: Dekton, Neolith and Laminam.

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Differences between natural stone and porcelain

In terms of properties, the materials are both very resistant and suitable for kitchens with a lot of activity. At the price level, the difference is not very big, although it will depend a lot on the brand, finish and specific model you choose.

From CUBRO We are more inclined towards porcelain because of its extra-resistance in terms of stains and scratches and therefore no maintenance.

In short, be guided by the option that best fits the style of your project and let our team of design experts advise you.

Properties of each material

General alteration due to useUnalterableevolveevolveUnalterable
scratch resistanceMediaLowMediaAlta
stain resistanceAltaMediaMediaAlta
Heat resistanceMediaMediaAltaAlta

3. IKEA countertops

The advantages of IKEA apply of course also to countertops. Its offer is very wide, and ranges from optionsones very economical to products with excellent value for money.

Specifically the optionsoneWe like solid wood s and actively recommend them when a project seeks to integrate natural wood finish in the countertop.

The Molekulla model in slatted oak, for example, fits very well with the finish of our fronts, both to achieve a finish total look in oak to combine with the rest of the finishes in our ranges.

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