A stylish, functional and durable countertop completes a kitchen. There are many options to customize your countertop, we accompany you to choose the one that suits you best.

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We offer countertops from our LAMINADO and LINÓLEO ranges. These two types of countertops are included in the design of your kitchen project and are delivered at the same times.

They are delivered in standard sizes to be adapted during assembly.

HPL laminate

A colored veneer on birch plywood. Smooth texture, durable, easy to maintain.

16 colors


Natural material with unique feel, antibacterial, moderate maintenance.

8 colors

Other countertop options

We also recommend other countertop materials such as wood, porcelain or natural stone.


The WOOD range is not suitable for use as a worktop surface in kitchens so we offer IKEA's MOLLEKULLA worktop as an alternative.


Very durable, easy to clean, heat resistant, scratch and stain resistant. There is a wide range of options, manufacturers and finishes.

Natural Stone

Natural material, durable and elegant, easy to maintain. There is a wide range of options, manufacturers and finishes.

Attention: Porcelain and natural stone countertops are only quoted for projects in Madrid. Worktops for projects outside Madrid will be handled directly with local suppliers.

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A continuous finish on faces and edges. The most practical and competitive option.

Natural wood with a unique grain that takes on character over time.

HPL laminate over exposed birch plywood board.

A 100% sustainable material on exposed birch plywood board.