Natural wood for a warm and timeless touch.

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About the material

Natural wood is a classic choice and is often used in a variety of design styles. Wood, as an organic material, changes over time as we live with it. As we live in our furniture, wood becomes more attractive, unique and personalized. Irregular features, such as knots and wood grain, are not considered defects, but rather durable and distinctive characteristics of this natural material.

Key aspects

WOOD wood fronts are treated with water-based varnishes, which protect their surface and preserve their beauty. As wood is a living material, it evolves over time and, as part of its natural charm, its surfaces may darken over the years when exposed to sunlight.

In daily use, we recommend drying the surfaces if any liquid is spilled on them as it may leave marks or darken the surface.

Care and maintenance

WOOD is a resistant and easy to clean material. We recommend cleaning it regularly and avoiding the use of abrasive products or metallic sponges. Damage and scratches on the surface are irreparable.

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